Isaac Sprintis

film - tv - video game composer

Isaac Sprintis is an award winning Film and Television composer and studio musician. He has written music for over a dozen video games, twenty films, and countless hours of television programming and advertisements. Among Isaac’s recent film projects is the score to Monogamish, a profound documentary on the state of modern relationships, starring Dan Savage and Christopher Ryan. The soundtrack features a blend of folk and orchestral instruments along with a haunting lap steel. This is a fresh departure from some of The Asylum features Sprintis has composed for such as Flight WWII, Age Of Ice and Mega Shark VS. Mecha Shark all featuring bombastic adrenaline pumping orchestral/ electro hybrid soundtracks.




Raised in Los Angeles and influenced by his family’s Colombian roots, Isaac Sprintis was exposed to an eclectic array of music from jazz and pop to classical and world music. While studying music at California Institute of the Arts, a deep respect and interest in composition developed, leading Sprintis to study composition for film and television at UCLA. Isaac’s first significant success as a composer came from the 2008 Slamdance hit film Fix starring Olivia Wilde. Soon after Isaac began contributing music to a variety of television shows including the The Amazing Race, The Bachelor, Americas Got Talent, Top Gear and many more. Video game credits include EA’s Saboteur, the Guitar Hero franchise, Marvel Run Jump Smash among others.